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Even SG envoy thinks Duterte will make PH prosperous


Singaporean Ambassador to Manila Kok Li Peng is so impressed with President Rodrigo Duterte’s vision for the Philippines, she believes that the country’s time to shine has finally come.

“I think it’s the Philippines’ time. Every country has a time…This is it,” Kok was quoted as saying Friday in a Manila Times report.

Kok said she sees promise in the 71-year-old leader’s 10-point agenda. She only had good things to say about Duterte’s Cabinet too, noting that its members can get the job done.

“I think your president has many challenges to face and to deal with. But what’s striking is that he’s got a very comprehensive agenda and his ensemble is very experienced and very capable,” the envoy said.

Kok added: “Your economic growth is amazing and it has steadied for the last couple of years. So anything that boosts that further is going to draw a lot of attention.”

Before his surprising and emphatic election victory last May, Duterte served as longtime mayor of Davao. He is credited with transforming the city into a crime-free, business-friendly haven.

“He’s going to do it,” Kok said of “Digong”.

From a person coming from the same country as Lee Kuan Yew, that’s certainly saying something.

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