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Expensive clean election for 2016


The proposed budget of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) for 2015 will soar to P16.8 billion, or six times its 2014 budget of P2.8 billion, an increase Sen. Ralph Recto described “as a high price we’re being told to pay to have clean elections in 2016.” Recto said P3.76 billion of the Comelec budget will be used in buying 41,800 precint count optical scan or PCOS machines at a cost of P90,000 each. The Daily Tribune

“There are good and competent men in the Comelec like Chairman Brillantes. We have to get their side and also the views of other stakeholders who are likewise well-meaning,” he added. “But what I am interested in knowing is if this will be a recurring expense, if this is what we will have to shell out every time we hold an election, which in this land is once every 500 days,” Recto said. The Daily Tribune

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