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Failure is not an option! Korina Sanchez bets on P800-M lotto


Like many Filipinos, television host Korina Sanchez Roxas tried her luck and placed a bet on multimillion peso lotto draw.

Sanchez, wife of former Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas, failed in her first try but planned on placing more bets until she gets the jackpot.

“uhuhuhuhu…😩😫 Hindi ako nanaloooo!! First time ako tumaya sa lotto….P800M? Why not??? Pero sinamampalad. Anyway, Tataya ako ulit! Failure is not an option! ” she wrote on Instagram.

She even asked for number combinations from her Instagram followers to boost her chances of winning.

“Tell me what my next numbers should be..and HUWAY? Pag nanalo ako…promise…HATI TAYO!!!” she said.