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It’s all in the family! Gov’t exec bleeds agency dry with perks for hubby, child


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The infamous phrase, “What are we in power for?” seems to be the motto of a high ranking government official (HO) who’s bent on making the life of her husband and child comfortable at taxpayers’ expense.

When HO was first appointed to a government post under the
Aquino administration, she wasted no time getting her child (HC) as a consultant.

As if what she did doesn’t spell “nepotism” in bright neon lights, HO got her husband (HH) as a consultant when she was promoted by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Within the country, HO, HH and HC can go anywhere since they have a van– bought by public funds, no doubt– all to themselves.

The family has taken advantage of this perk by going on road trips.

Worse is how HH and HC earn money.

While they’re paid a measly P1 monthly as consultants, HO’s loved ones pocket money by collecting per diems for their foreign trips.

That’s part of the reason why HH and HC are just too eager to join HO on her trips to Europe.

Aside from getting some work done, the trips were an opportunity for the family to bond without spending a single cent.

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