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F**k you! Teddy Locsin’s filthy rant against anti-vaxxers who opened the doors for the return of polio

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Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin went nuclear on Twitter after getting wind of reports that polio has returned to the Philippines nearly 20 years since it was wiped out.

Locsin sent his F-bombs directly on the backs of government officials, media personalities and organizations behind the vilification of vaccines since last year.

“Nice job, critics of vaccination; nice job; hope it happens in your family. And fuck you,” said Locsin.

Locsin offered a cruel and unusual way of punishing this ignorant crowd who were willing to push their political agenda even at the expense of public health.

“May I respectfully reiterate the imperative of injecting the eyeballs of the critics of vaccination with toilet water and then stabbing their skulls with an ice pick,” said Locsin.

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