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Francisco Tatad: In Aquino’s case, he alone should rise or fall on all the “hot air” of his July 28t speech. However, in the case of the lies, which were based on the false date provided by his trusted advisers, he ought to be able to get back to them and at the very least express his displeasure, if he cannot exact punishment. Manila Standard Today

Francisco Tatad: According to Syjuco, on his last year at TESDA in 2009, the voc-tech educational institution had a budget of P8 billion, as against Aquino’s P1.6 billion; it also graduated 1,690,000 benefeciaries, as against Aquino’s 223,615. Certified passers of TESDA exams under his watch hit 836,100, as against the current 18 percent of that number, Syjuco said. And in 2009 he spent an average of less than P5,000 per scholar, as against the current budget of P7,155 per scholar under his successor, TESDA Director General Joel Villanueva, who used to serve in the House together with the President.  From the six courses offered by TESDA when he assumed office, Syjuco said he was able to bring this number up to 250, which included virtually everything, including embalming.  Under Villanueva, this number has gone down, he said. Manila Standard Today

Francisco Tatad: Obviously Aquino was made to beleive TESDA under Villanueva was a spectacular success. He praised Villanueva profusely for it, as well as for work as “virtual warehouse operator” at the government’s repacking center in Tacloban. But this turned out to be an embarrassment. Manila Standard Today

Francisco Tatad: The Jalaur project is an P11.2-billion project involving the construction of a 120-meter-high dam, with a storage capacity of 172 million cubic meters of water, to produce 6.6 megawatts of hydro electricity.  It aims to irrigate some 30,000 hectares of land. Funded by a loan from the Korea Export-Import Bank, it will build by a Korean community that has not built a dam of a similar tye or magnitude before, in the municipality of Calinog Iloilo. Calinog, which means “earthquake,” got its name from the 8.2 earthquake -said to be the second strongest earthquake ever to hit the Philippines – that otre the town apart in the 1940s.  Oppositors say a fault line intersects the dam site. Should the dam break, it could submerge a big number of indigenous and other communities. Manila Standard Today

Francisco Tatad: There is nothing to show that 12,184 kms of national roads were built by the DPWH either between 2013 and 2014 or between 2010 and 2014. From Cory Aquino to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the total road inventory grew at an average of 3,000 to 5,000 kms, except during Ramos’s presidency when it jumped to phenomenal 30,000 kms.  At the cost of P40 million per kilometer per two-lane road with drainage, 12,184 kms would mean P487.4 billion, far beyond the DPWH budget.  The World Bank road figure shows no such entry for the Philippines either. So what 12,184 km-road was Aquino talking about? How did this figure then find its way into the SONA? And what did Singson do to make Aquino virtually drown him in praise for this “statistical inexactitude”? Manila Standard Today