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The daughter of Senator Francis Pangilinan is puzzled over why diehard Duterte supporters, colloquially known as DDS, consider the term “dilawan” as an insult.

In a series of tweets posted Sunday (September 20), Pangilinan pointed out that President Rodrigo Duterte used to be part of the Liberal Party from 2009 to 2015.

“Dilawan” is the derogatory term used to describe LP members, those belonging to the opposition or those identified with the Aquino administration.

“why do d/d/s love to use the term dilawan as an insult as if their idol wasn’t literally in the liberal party from 2009-2015,” Pangilinan said.

The outspoken daughter of Sharon Cuneta described the logic behind the DDS’ use of the word “dilawan” as “clownery.”

“the clownery i just,” Pangilinan said. “almost as if it has nothing to do with partisan affiliations and more to do with personal bias and agenda.”

Pangilinan claimed she’s not a “big fan” of LP even though her father used to be the party’s president.

“like fk yea the LP has all its faults i’m not that big a fan either ?? but ??? where is the logic,” she said.

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