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From hero to zero! Roque praised Trillanes for being like Ninoy in 2010 blog post


Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque used to be an ardent admirer of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV before he took to bashing the lawmaker for joining two failed coups against the Arroyo administration.

A blog entry written by Roque in December 2010 about Trillanes is now making the rounds on social media in the wake of President Rodrigo Duterte’s issuance of a presidential proclamation voiding the amnesty given to the senator by his predecessor, former President Benigno Aquino III.

Roque, who’s currently in Israel with Duterte, said on Tuesday (September 4) that Trillanes was to blame for the prospect of going back to jail.

“The past finally caught up with Senator Trillanes. He is responsible for his current state,”he said.

“If he did not participate in the Oakwood mutiny and Manila Peninsula siege, he would not have this case,” Roque added.

Yet in 2010, Roque, then a human rights abogado and law professor, was in awe of the bravery Trillanes and his comrades exhibited in the 2003 Oakwood mutiny and the 2007 Manila Peninsula siege.

“Certainly, nothing can compared to what Trillanes and his men did: like Ninoy, they were willing to die for this country. And unlike me and others who have only raised their voice against evil in government, Sonny gave up seven long years of his youth for this country,” he said.

In his blog entry, Roque called Trillanes a “hero” and wished him well as he enjoyed his freedom after being detained for years.

“[L]est we forget, hero as he is, he too is human. I can only imagine Sonny’s happiness as he celebrates his first Christmas with his very young children as a free man,” he said.

Read Roque’s full blog post on Trillanes by clicking the link below: