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Game over! NTC recalls ABS-CBN’s TV, radio frequencies

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The National Telecommunications Commission on Thursday (September 10) recalled the television and radio frequencies assigned to ABS-CBN in the wake of its failure to get a new legislative franchise.

In a decision dated September 9, NTC said the recall of the frequencies was “warranted.”

“The denial of respondent’s franchise renewal application by Congress, coupled with the denial of respondent’s petition by the Supreme Court, lead to no other conclusion except that respondent had already lost the privilege of installing, operating, and maintaining radio broadcasting stations in the country,” NTC said.

ABS-CBN, upon the directive of the NTC, was forced to halt its television and radio broadcast operations on May 5, a day after the expiration of its 25-year legislative franchise.

On June 30, the NTC also issued two cease and desist orders, directing ABS-CBN to stop the operation of its digital television transmission using Amcara Broadcasting Corp.’s Channel 433 and the direct-to-home satellite transmission of its cable firm, Sky Cable Corp.

ABS-CBN hoped for the renewal of its franchise but the House Committee on Legislative Franchises on July 10 rejected its bid for a fresh 25-year congressional franchise.

The denial of ABS-CBN’s franchise bid has led the network to retrench a sizeable chunk of its employees and close down its regional stations.

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