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Ganti sa bira? EU politiko who criticized EJKs deported from PH


A European parliamentarian who denounced the administration’s bloody war on drugs has been deported from the Philippines ahead of his attendance to a congress by Akbayan party-list.

Giacomo Filibeck, the Deputy Secretary General of the Party of European Socialists in the European Parliament, was barred from entering Cebu Sunday (April 15). He was briefly detained at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport before being deported.

In a press release, Akbayan said Filibeck was invited to visit the Philippines for the party-list’s congress.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has yet to provide details on Filibeck’s deportation.

In October last year, Filibeck visited the Philippines together with other European parliamentarians to denounce the drug-related killings under Duterte. They warned that the Philippines might face sanctions from the United Nations and European Union if the bloody drug war doesn’t stop.

President Rodrigo Duterte responded by saying EU could “go to hell” if it doesn’t accept the government’s explanation that the killings were legitimate. He also announced that the Philippines will no longer be accepting any development aid from EU.