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Ganyan ang diskarte! Guevarra welcomes Trillanes’ run to SC over arrest order


Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Friday (September 7) welcomed the decision of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to question before the Supreme Court (SC) the voiding of the lawmaker’s amnesty.

“Proper move indeed, instead of arguing his case in the media,” he said.

On Thursday (Sept. 6), Trillanes IV filed a petition before the SC to block Proclamation No. 572 which voided his amnesty.

In a 34-page petition, Trillanes, through his lawyer Reynaldo Robles, asked the SC issue a “writ of preliminary injunction and/or temporary restraining order (TRO)” against Proclamation No. 572 of President Rodrigo Duterte.

Trillanes reminded that in 2011 he was granted amnesty by then President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III under Proclamation No. 75 over the senator’s involvement in the 2003 Oakwood mutiny and 2007 Manila Peninsula siege.

Because of this, Trillanes said that the Makati City regional trial court (RTC) has dismissed his cases concerning his involvement in the two incidents.

However, Proclamation No. 572 declared that the amnesty of Trillanes has been voided and the senator ordered arrested to face his charges.

“In effect, Pres. Duterte and/or Respondents have acted to cause the warrantless arrest of the herein Petitioner not only without any valid or lawful basis but despite the fact that there are actually no cases and no lawful pending against Petitioner,” Trillanes pointed out.

The senator reminded that “the President is not authorized under the Constitution or any law to issue warrants of arrests.”

He also recounted that when Aquino granted the amnesty it was made in concurrence of Congress.

“It is most respectfully submitted that for the President to revoke and/or recall the amnesty proclamation previously issued by the former President with the concurrence of majority of the members of both houses of Congress, he must likewise obtain the concurrence of majority of the members both houses of Congress for the said revocation and/or recall,” Trillanes said.