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Garbin seeks mandatory office policies vs. bullying

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Party-list Rep. Alfredo Garbin urged both government and private offices to adopt policies that will prevent and address bullying in the workplace.

Garbin, vice-chair of the House Justice Committee, recently filed House Bill No. 85 which mandates offices to adopt measures that address the existence of office bullying and similar acts.

According to Garbin, such measures include the appointment of an administrative office or officer responsible for the implementation and oversight of anti-bullying policies, as well as sanctions for non-compliance.

Garbin said bullying in work place “hampers peace and tranquility in a professional environment” adding that it “disrupt the delivery of service to the public.”

“While a law has been passed preventing and addressing acts of bullying in educational institutions, bullying and other similar acts prevails in the workplace or work environment,” said Garbin.

Garbin stressed that “bullying in the workplace is often ignored” since it is often overlooked by employers.

“Sa bawat opisina o pagawaan, laging may mga sisiga-siga, astang boss o bisor. Ang masama, sila yung mga sitting pretty lang pero binubusabos mga ang katrabaho,” said Garbin.

“More often, surreptitiously in an organized or institutionalized manner,” he added.

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