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Garin cautions Pinoys about health problems from Taal eruption

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Iloilo Rep. Janette Garin, a former Health Secretary, urged Filipinos to take all necessary precautions to avoid health problems arising from the eruption of Taal Volcano including ash fall.

“The eruption and the subsequent ashfall that is continuously taking over half of Luzon poses grave health issues for all affected,” she said.

“Prolonged exposure to the ashfall might cause lung problems, eye and skin irritation,” Garin warned.

“It would be wise to stay indoors if you are in the affected area. Everyone is also encouraged to wear protective gear like masks to prevent volcanic ash inhalation when going outdoors,” she said.

“In light of this, we appeal to our businessmen not to engage in unethical profiteering. Calamities are sometimes seen by some as an opportunity to profit more, especially in situations where they see captured customers who have no other option but to buy from them,” she said.

“Medicines and supplies should even be sold at a discounted price considering that the expense is unexpected,” Garin said.

She added: “It is morally unacceptable and legally punishable under our existing trade and industry laws to increase prices. It is for this reason that we are encouraging the general public to report similar cases to local authorities for their appropriate action.”

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