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Gastos galore! Duterte plans spending simultaneously on Marawi rehab, PNP, AFP

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Spending for the rehabilitation of Marawi City will not just be the government’s priority once the crisis is over.

In a speech before government troops in Marawi Thursday (August 24), Duterte said he plans on spending on the rehabilitation of the strife-torn locality at the same time that he caters to the needs of policemen and soldiers.

“[O]nce ma-ano ito, I can assure you that we will look for the money to rehabilitate Marawi, but at the same time, I have also to rehabilitate my armed forces kasi there’s a fracture here somewhere,” he said.

Duterte didn’t have qualms admitting he needs money for the major expenditures of the government.

“Marami akong patay at tsaka kailangan ko talaga ng pera para gumulong ang tulong sa gobyerno,” he said.

Administration officials estimate that the government will need at least P20 billion to rehabilitate Marawi City after the fighting with the Maute group is over.

Duterte, meanwhile, has also promised the Armed Forces and Philippine National Police that they will always have brand new equipment during his term.