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Gatchalian: Realistically, budget will be reenacted in 2019


Senator Win Gatchalian on Thursday said he believes there’s not enough time for Congress to enact and ratify the proposed P3.757-trillion budget for 2019.

He said a reenacted budget at least for the first month of 2019 was the most likely scenario.

“Yung budget naman ay tuloy tuloy but in my personal opinion, di yan mahahabol this year dahil sa takbo pa lang ng debate will take a while,” Gatchalian told reporters.

He said the Senate would still try its best to rush deliberations on the House-approved version, but admitted the current pace was too slow.

“We will try our best to finish third reading bago mag Christmas break para pagbalik ng bicam and ratification tayo but we will try,” he said.

“But at this point nakita ko nasa general principles pa rin tayo. Wala pa tayo sa mga departments,” he noted.

“Ako, as much as possible, if we can finish it the sooner its better for our government para bagong budget, bagong program, bagong projects mas mabuti sa tao yan,” Gatchalian said.

He added: ”I think realistically it will be first month reenacted.”