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Holiday pa naman! Duterte skips first elections under his term

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President Rodrigo Duterte did not vote in the first barangay elections held during his term.

Duterte failed to show up at Daniel Aguinaldo High School in Davao City Monday (May 14) until voting closed at 3 p.m.

The school is the location of Duterte’s precinct.

School officials brought out from safekeeping the wooden armchair Duterte used when he voted in the 2016 elections in hopes he would vote in the barangay polls.

The armchair had been placed in a glass encasement since 2016 as a remembrance of Duterte’s participation in the previous national elections.

Duterte previously warned about pushing through with the barangay elections, saying in March that officials whose campaign was funded by drug lords might win.

However, he said he was leaving it up to Congress to decide whether the polls would be postponed.

When it was apparent that the elections would push through, Duterte declared May 14 a special non-working day so people could vote.