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Good-hearted engineer shames MWSS execs’ brain freeze as water crisis unfolds before their eyes: Pang-engineer ito, hindi businessman o politiko!

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A 30-year Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) engineer has come out of retirement to rip MWSS Chief Regulator Patrick Ty and other executives for acting like a deer in the headlights while a water supply crisis was unfolding in the East Zone.

“The signs and symptoms for disaster are there right before our eyes.

This water crisis happened because our government officials paid by taxpayers’ money did not lift a finger to serve the Filipino people.

They thought power does not come with responsibility, accountability! There must be humility in service, unflinching dedication to serve and protect the Pinoy’s interests,” said Angel Salazar in a series of impassioned replies to a Facebook post by Ty who blamed rising population and failure to develop new water sources for the shortage affecting consumers of Manila Water Co.’s concession area.

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Salazar tagged the MWSS “magic” which created the crisis when its Board shut down Manila Water’s access to a bypass allegedly to favor West Zone concessionaire Maynilad Water of the Metro Pacific-Salim-DMCI group.

“This is the only control that Manila Water has to get its 40 percent share and prevent Maynilad from getting more than its 60 percent share,” said Salazar.

“Open the bypass so Manila Water could draw additional water. Maynilad wants this closed because they could not draw more than their allocation if this is open,” he added.

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Salazar said the bypass, which he and a friend conceptualized and designed, was meant to reduce seepage and evaporation losses during the travel of raw water from Angat dam to La Mesa reservoir. “Hydraulic structures are for hydraulic engineers, politicians and businessmen will be of no help,” said Salazar.

Salazar said his only motivation was to slake the demand of consumers to end their water woes. “I am not here to argue or blame anyone. I am offering a solution to end the water crisis because I know the system from Umiray town to the customers. I do not need your attention, your accolades or reward. I do not live my life that way, I am good at making things happen, either to help others or whatever purpose it may serve, and that is all,” said Salazar.

Ty tried to be cute and replied that he did not know he ordered the closure of the bypass (he was appointed in August 2017). “Must be my evil twin brother,” said Ty. Ty further washed his hands of any responsibility in opening the bypass.

“I have been getting messages for me to open the ‘bypass’ that
willallegedly solve the problem with water in the East Zone. For the record, I’m not in charge if this ‘bypass’, I did not order it closed and I definitely can’t order it open,” said Ty.

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