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Gordon condemns killing of 4 Army intel operatives: It was a clear murder!

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Senator Richard Gordon said the killing of four Army intelligence operatives at the hands of nines police operatives recently in Jolo, Sulu cannot be considered as a mere misencounter but a clear murderous act.

“It was not a rub-out, it was a clear murder,” said Gordon in a statement.

Gordon strongly condemned the incident, noting that it is clear the four fallen Army intel personnel were unarmed when the alleged misencounter happened.

“I strongly condemn the killing of our soldiers at the hands of police officers. The four army officers had no guns and I deplore the mendacity and the maliciousness of the police officers which was evidenced in the fact that they tampered with the evidence and the crime scene,” Gordon stressed.

Meanwhile, Gordon was somehow delighted over the gesture of President Rodrigo Duterte after he announced that he will visit the wake of the fallen Philippine Army (PA) officers and personnel as it “would also bring comfort to their bereaved families.”

“I am glad that President Duterte has announced that he is going to the slain soldiers’ wake to honor Maj. Marvin Indamog, commanding officer of the Army’s 9th Intelligence Service Unit; Capt. Irwin Managuelod, Sgt. Eric Velasco and Cpl. Abdal Asula,” he said.

Gordon also urged Duterte president to conduct a top level investigation on all generals of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Army.

“There is a need to investigate and determine what is wrong with the policy that incidents such as these occur,” he said.

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