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Gordon dares Amnesty International: Prove claim cops behind EJKs


Senator Richard Gordon is taking Amnesty International’s claim regarding the alleged involvement of policemen in extrajudicial killings (EJKs) with a grain of salt unless it proves its allegations.

Gordon, whose committe investigated the supposed rampance of EJKs under the Duterte administration, said the international human rights watchdog cannot compel the government to look into its claims.

“I’m not really to accept that all these things are happening in our country because it’s also happening in the United States. It’s happening everywhere and you can see that there’s a pattern. They will always make a statement when they see human rights being trampled on and that’s good. But as far as our country is concerned, we stand by the fact that we’re going to investigate any transgression in human rights in this country. Meron tayong dignity na hindi tayo dinidiktahan ng iba and to my mind, yun ang importante,” he said.

Quoting a police officer, AI said in its report released Wednesday (Feb. 1) that cops receive cash incentives ranging from P8,000 to P15,000 for killing suspected drug users and pushers.

The international watchdog group also accused the police of “systematically” targeting the poor in its campaign against illegal drugs while planting “evidence”, recruiting paid killers, stealing from the people they kill and fabricating official incident reports.

However, Gordon said the Senate committee on justice and human rights which he heads has found there is no proof that EJKs in the country are state sanctioned.