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Gordon rips Sanchez over clemency plea: He can’t even say sorry to Sarmenta and Gomez families

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Senator Richard Gordon has slammed convicted rapist and killer Antonio Sanchez for asking for executive clemency despite refusing to apologize to the families of his victims.

Sanchez’s appeal has been rejected by the Bureau of Pardons and Parole despite the referral letter made by his former legal counsel Presidential Spokesmen Salvador Panelo.

“Ang lakas ng loob nitong si Sanchez na humingi ng executive clemency! This guy can’t even bear to say sorry to the families of Sarmenta and Gomez,” Gordon tweeted.

To prevent wrongful release of inmates, Gordon has proposed the automation of prison records. He said inmates who leave prison become “worse murderers, thieves and rapists.”

“This is the era of information technology. Digitalizing prison records will prevent further miscarriage of justice—convicts like ex-Mayor Sanchez won’t see the light of day anymore,” he said.

“Hopefully, the closure of the GCTA case will help people sleep peacefully at night—especially those afraid of the released criminals roaming the streets,” he said.

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