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Got a problem? Cabinet Secretary offers law firm, PR man package to get you out of your bind for a price


President Rodrigo Duterte has bragged about having a Cabinet made up of bright boys and Bilyonaryos.

It’s no wonder then that one Cabinet Secretary has come up with a nifty system to make money out of people having trouble with the government.

Whenever a group or individual approaches this Duterte appointee for help, CS subtly recommends a law firm and public relations (PR) man to help them settle their troubles with his department.

But instead of working for the client’s interest, the law firm and PR group are only after adding zeros to their bank accounts and their CS operator.

The package deal duo forces its captive client to accept a settlement offer rather than fight city hall even if this goes against the interest of the client.

Once the dust of a forced settlement gets settled, the poor client realizes that the only winner in the deal is the CS and his legal-PR team.

Last time we heard, the notorious team netted a hefty 10-digit fee in its last engagement.

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