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Gov’t official keeps mum about P50M stolen by secretary


A government official (GO) is keeping his mouth shut about the P50 million cash that his secretary (HS) stole from a safe in his office.

Abante columnist Deo Macalma said in his November 13 column that GO was advised to keep quiet about the incident since going after HS will invite more questions.

In particular, curious minds would likely want to know why GO has P50 million inside his safe.

GO was understandably furious since he trusted HS with the security combination to the safe.

According to Macalma’s sources, GO found out that HS looted his safe when she stopped showing for work. She also cannot be reached through her contact numbers.

One can only surmise that GO didn’t obtain the P50 million by legal means so he has no choice but to shut up about his loss or face intrigues if he speaks up.