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Gretchen Barretto still a Duterte loyalist, silent on ABS-CBN franchise denial

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Actress Gretchen Barretto is a proud supporter of President Duterte.

The actress has declared anew her allegiance to Duterte after disowning an Instagram account that she was supposedly seeking the ouster of the President.

“This is a FAKE Twitter ACCOUNT! I DO NOT HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT. I AM PRO DUTERTE👊👊👊” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a screenshot of the fake account.

Barretto also warned the public against the fake social media post supposedly praising the lawmakers who supported the embattled ABS-CBN network, and lashing out at the others who denied the franchise renewal of the media company. She said she has not issued any statement about the issue.

“THIS IS A FAKE TWITTER ACCOUNT!!! I Have Not made a single statement regarding congress & abs cbn 👊👊👊,” she said.

Recently, she also brushed aside another poser account on Twitter that claims to be “unlike the Real Greta, i am pro evil.”

“The POSER OF A TWITTER ACCOUNT CLAIMING TO BE ME IS NOW CLAIMING TO BE ( way Better ) Dreams are free .if it helps you ESCAPE YOUR REALITY, Go 😂#proDuterte👊,” she said.

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