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Commission on Elections (Comelec) commissioner Rowena Guanzon hit back at former National Youth Commission chair Ronald Cardema for his “libellous” comments against her, saying he should consider going to a psychiatrist.

Guanzon decried Cardema’s obsession with her when he mentioned her alleged “public harassment” in withdrawing his nomination as representative of the Duterte Youth party-list group.

“Read Carema’s notice of withdrawal under Oath. ako pa rin saw ang dahilan. S T U P I D,” the poll official tweeted.

“Hoy Cardamak, ako na naman?!!! obsessed ka na, mag pa psychiatrist ka na, totoy,” she added.

Cardmena, in his notice of withdrawal sent to Comelec chair Sheriff Abas, also claimed that Guanzon’s camp “requested and forced favors” from the group in exchange of its registration.

Guanzon however disputed Cardema’s extortion allegation against her. “Seriously ,Cardema stated under OATH that I extorted favors and money from him .This is LIBELOUS,” she tweeted.

A poll body division earlier disqualified Cardema, 34, from the youth party-list nomination since he exceeded the age limit of 30. The decision is under appeal by Cardema’s camp.

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