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Commission on Elections Commissioner Rowena Guanzon has questioned the qualification of former National Youth Commission (NYC) chairperson Ronald Cardema to represent the youth sector in Congress, amid his bid to become Duterte Youth party-list’s first nominee.

In a series of tweets posted Wednesday (May 22), Guanzon noted that Cardema is already over the age limit set by the law for a representative of the youth sector.

“In the Certificate of Candidacy form of Cardema he stated that he is qualified . But is he not over 30 years old? Duterte Youth registered as a youth sector party list,” she said.

Guanzon said she wants to find out the age of Cardema’s wife Ducielle, whom he wants to replace as the first nominee of Duterte Youth.

“What is the date of birth of R. Cardema’s wife the 1st nominee who withdrew?” she asked.

Cardema filed a petition for substitution a day before the May 13 elections. Guanzon, however, said the Comelec en banc has yet to resolve his application as of May 22.

“Application for substitution of Cardema has not yet been resolved as of today,” she said.

Guanzon said Cardema’s wife must also be qualified for his substitution to become valid.

“For substitution of nominee to be valid , the one being substituted must be qualified in the first place,” she said.

Watchdog groups have questioned Cardema’s bid to become a congressman, noting the sly way he filed his application for substitution and his age.

Malacañang said Cardema is already deemed resigned from the NYC because of the petition for substitution he filed.

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