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Guanzon fights back as Cardema peddles harassment claim: Better get a good lawyer!


Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Rowena Guanzon is unfazed by former National Youth Commission (NYC) chairperson Ronald Cardema’s claim that she asked favors from him to approve the registration of Duterte Youth party-list.

Guanzon denied Cardema’s allegations in a series of tweets posted Saturday (August 17), hours after the former NYC chairman held a press conference to accuse the Comelec official of harassment.

“Cardema held a presscon accusing me of demanding a favor in exchange for registration of his PL. wey???! Didn’t I vote yes to the registration of his PL? how come no Judge related to me was appointed?” Guanzon asked.

She said she will not inhibit from the cases involving Duterte Youth party-list.

“Self serving. wey no way I will inhibit,” Guanzon said.

Cardema, who filed a last minute petition to become Duterte Youth’s first nominee before the May 13 elections, claimed a supposed emissary from the House of Representatives told him to lobby for the appointment of someone as director of the Department of Public Works and Highways.

The alleged emissary also wanted a lawyer to be appointed as regional trial court judge in Iloilo.

One message from the supposed emissary read: “ron i will tell com to sign duterte youth today but please make sure you keep your end of the bargain. make the biggest effort for this. and dont forget my degree.”

The exchange of text messages showed Cardema agreeing to the request and vowing to “lobby” for the persons involved.

Guanzon advised Cardema to get a “good lawyer” amid the disqualification cases he is facing before the Comelec.

“A friendly advise to @RonaldCardema he should study his case and get a good lawyer. Imagine a fomer @COMELEC chairman is opposing him,” she said.

Former Comelec chair Sixto Brillantes Jr. recently filed a petition opposing Duterte Youth’s latest list of nominees, which included Cardema.

The Comelec First Division of which Guanzon is a member disqualified Cardema as the party-list’s first nominee because he was overage.

Guanzon said Cardema appears to be putting himself in bigger trouble by claiming he was lobbying for some persons’ appointment.

“Note his allegation that the incident occurred early 2019 when he was still NYC Chair. Is he saying he was engaging in partisan political activities while he was NYC Chair?” she asked.

Guanzon added that her name was never mentioned in the exchange of text messages shown by Cardema.

“He does not mention me by name in those text messages. FAKE NEWS. dont distract us from the real issues : Cardema is disqualified; not youth,” she said.

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