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Guanzon welcomes Cardema’s threat to file impeachment case: Para magkaalaman na sinong nanuhol!


Commission on Elections Commissioner Rowena Guanzon welcomed Monday (August 19) the threat of disqualified Duterte Youth nominee Ronald Cardema to file an impeachment case against her for alleged corruption.

Guanzon tweeted that an impeachment complaint against her will “make my day.”

“Tell him to go ahead so he has to admit he attempted to bribe me through someone else. Make my day,” she said.

Cardema said in a television interview that he might file an impeachment case against Guanzon if he finds support in the House of Representatives.

The former National Youth Commission chairman accused Guanzon of asking for favors in exchange for approving Duterte Youth’s accreditation.

The Comelec rejected Cardema’s petition to sit as a congressman representing Duterte Youth because he is overaged.

Guanzon scoffed at Cardema’s claim that she asked P2 million from him through a supposed emissary.

“Cardema said I extorted 2M from him through somebody? He may be stupid but I’m not!” she said in another tweet.

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