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Guevarra reminds law enforcers: Don’t take Duterte’s ‘dead or alive’ order for GCTA inmates literally

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As the September 19 deadline nears, Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra reminded law enforcement authorities not take the President’s “dead or alive remark literally.

“Dead or alive should not be taken literally,” the Secretary told law enforcers.

“Law enforcers are supposed to effect peaceful arrests, but they may use reasonable force if the subject of the arrest violently resists and endangers the security of the arresting officer,” he pointed out.

Concerns were raised that many undeserving convicts may have been released and benefited from the good conduct time allowance (GCTA) law.

Because of this, President Rodrigo Duterte last September 4 ordered all 1,914 convicts who were freed because of GCTA since 2013 to surrender by September 19.

“I will just set the timeline and then the P1 million prize is available to those who can capture them dead or alive, but maybe dead would be a better option,” Duterte said.

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