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Hanggang ‘Basta’ na lang! Anti-terror bill opponents shifting to ‘argumentation’, Ping notes

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Are some opponents of the anti-terrorism bill running out of arguments and switching to argumentation, a.k.a. “A, Basta!”?

Sen. Panfilo Lacson noted Wednesday that these opponents are shifting their arguments from the provisions of the proposed law to questions about its implementation.

“Many of those opposing the anti-terrorism measure have now shifted their aim to target the implementation. They have mastered the art of argumentation – when you run out of sound reasons to argue, just say: BASTA!” he said in a post on his Twitter account.

Lacson also debunked claims that the Anti-Terrorism Council in the bill has the power to authorize arrests of any person even if he/she has not committed any crime or terrorism; and that under the measure, executive officials under the President’s control can order the arrest of any person even if they know no crime of terrorism has been committed.

“Fake news,” Lacson said in a tweet.

Also, he said the ATC cannot freeze accounts of suspected terrorists as it is the Anti-Money Laundering Council that can do so.

“Not the ATC. It is still the AMLC that orders the freezing of accounts as provided under Sec 11 of RA 10168 (Terrorist Financing Act). Thus, the action of the ATC under the ATB is still limited to trigger further action by the AMLC. The ATC on its own CANNOT do it,” he said.

In another tweet, Lacson debunked claims that the executive can order warrantless arrests.

“The executive cannot order warrantless arrests. The elements of a warrantless arrest are clearly stated under Rule 113 of the Rules of Court. The ATB has not changed anything,” he said.

In an interview on DZRH radio on Tuesday, Lacson said the only way to counter such disinformation is by reading the bill.

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