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Hanggang bise ka lang! Duterte: Robredo ‘incompetent’ to be president


President Rodrigo Duterte attacked Vice President Leni Robredo Tuesday (July 10) shortly after she announced she will be leading the opposition.

In an interview in Pampanga, Duterte said he did not say he was ready to resign during the transition period to a federal government so Robredo could succeed him.

“I will not resign because it will make her president. My resignation is addressed to the people so that they can choose the leader they want. I don’t think, she (Robredo) will be ready to govern the country,” he said.

Asked to elaborate, Duterte said: “Reason? Incompetence. That she is not capable of running a country like this—the Philippines.”

Earlier in the day, Robredo said she is ready to lead and unite the opposition against Duterte so the groups critical of him could speak with one voice.

Prior to this, Duterte said he could step down in 2019 if the federal Constitution is already in effect by then.

“Make me President only next year, 2019 and I will accept if that will satisfy ladies. Robredo, gusto mo ikaw na. You can have it,” he said in a speech on July 6.