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The House of Representatives has secured the third reading passage of a proposed legislation that seeks increase higher campaign spending of candidates during elections.

A total of 213 congressmen have voted in favor of House Bill No. 6095—a legislation that seeks raise the allowed amount of authorized campaign expenses of candidates and political parties.

The measure seeks to amend Republic Act No. 7166 or the Synchronized Elections Law by allowing higher amount of campaign expenditure for candidates and political entities for every registered voter in the constituency where they filed their candidacy.

HB 6095 has increased the allowable campaign expenditure of every candidate from national to local positions.

From P10 under the RA 7166, a presidential and vice-presidential aspirant may now spend P50 for every registered voter under the proposed legislation.

Candidates aspiring a seat in the Senate may now spend P50 per registered voter from the previous P10 under the present law.

Other political aspirants such as those eyeing a seat in the Lower House, as well as those running for mayor, vice-mayor, councilor, governor, vice-governor and board member can now spend up to P30 per registered voter from the previous P3.

Meanwhile, national candidates of political entities may spend P50 under HB 6095 from the previous P5 under RA 7166.

Only six lawmakers belonging to the Makabayan bloc have voted against the measure while another decided to abstained.

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