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Hilaw pa! Bikoy’s plain surface not an ASAP warrant for Senate probe

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Now that the man calling himself Bikoy has surfaced, the Senate will await any evidence he will present to back his claims linking the family of President Rodrigo Duterte to the drug trade.

But Sen. Panfilo Lacson, who chairs the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs, said Monday this may not guarantee a Senate hearing just yet.

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“As far as the Senate, we will await his sworn statement and whatever supporting evidence he has, after which we will evaluate and proceed from there. If it merits a Senate inquiry, we definitely will conduct one to hear him and more, if any,” Lacson said in a statement.

The man calling himself Bikoy, one Peter Joemel Advincula, broke his silence on Monday and read a statement at the Integrated Bar of the Philippines.

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Advincula claimed he went to the IBP to seek “legal advice,” but the IBP said it is still studying his claims.

“First, I certainly hope the Integrated Bar of the Philippines will give the same amount of attention and assistance to anybody seeking legal assistance. Otherwise, they might be misunderstood as engaging in political partisanship, which could punch a hole and deflate their credibility,” Lacson said.

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However, he noted the IBP also admitted it has yet to evaluate Advincula’s claims, yet lent him its facilities for his press conference.

“By their admission, they haven’t evaluated Bikoy’s accusations, yet they provided him their facility and a forum to air his accusations,” Lacson said.

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