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Palpak kasi.

President Duterte only admitted his failure to resolve the drug problem when he offered Vice President Leni Robredo the post of drug czar, former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay said.

Hilbay asked why Robredo should be burdened by accepting such job when it was Duterte who made a campaign promise to end the drug problem in three to six months.

“Yung hamon ni Pres. Duterte kay VP Leni na saluhin at solusyunan ang problema ng droga ay isang malinaw na pag-amin na palpak ang kanyang giyera laban sa droga,” he tweeted.

“Why should Leni have the burden of accepting the offer? SHE NEVER MADE ANY STUPID PROMISE TO END DRUGS IN 3-6 MONTHS,” he added.

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