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House Committee on Games and Amusement chair Eric Go Yap dared disqualified Duterte Youth Party-list nominee Ronald Cardema to name the supposed “emissary” who allegedly gave P2 million to Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Rowena Guanzon in exchange for a favorable decision for his group.

Yap said it’s hard to distinguish Cardema’s accusation that a veteran lady solon allegedly played as his “bagwoman” who deliver the allegedly bribe money to Guanzon in exchange for a favorable vote on the accreditation of Duterte Youth.

Yap said he can’t imagine any congressman will play as an emissary just to bribe an official of the country’s poll body.

“Para sa akin naman, yung congresswoman naman na yun eh parang hindi siya sasali sa ganung (transaction), di ba? Para lang sa P2 million,” said Yap.

Cardema earlier also claimed that it was the same lady solon who allegedly gathered funds for him that was later allegedly given to Guanzon,

“Ang hirap po isipin na isang congresswoman, magmi-middle man po… yung congresswoman po, nakahirap isipin na hihingi siya ng P2 million hindi para sa kanya, kung hindi allegedly para sa isang commissioner,” he added.

Cardema, 34, earlier this month was disqualified nominee of Duterte Youth party-list for being beyond the age limit set by the law on party-list representatives for the youth sector—25 to 30 years old on election day.

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