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Honasan ain’t qualified to be DICT chief? Here’s what Rio thinks


Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) Acting Secretary Eliseo Rio Jr. has chosen to be on the safe side regarding the appointment of Senator Gringo Honasan as the permanent DICT chief despite criticism that he’s unqualified.

In an interview over ANC’s “Headstart” Wednesday (November 14), Rio said he supports whoever Duterte appoints as DICT Secretary.

“I support the President as to whoever he appoints. It’s his prerogative,” he said, adding that he will help Honasan in any way he can to succeed at his new job.

Section 11 of Republic Act 10844, which created DICT, states that the Secretary, Undersecretary and Assistant Secretary of the department should have at least seven years of competence and expertise in any of the following: information and communications technology, information technology service management, information security management, cybersecurity, data privacy. e-Commerce, or human capital development in the ICT sector.

Asked if it’s possible that Duterte, an abogado, missed the law’s provisions on the Secretary’s qualifications when he appointed Honasan, Rio said: “I don’t know about that.”

Honasan, a former soldier, is expected to take over Rio’s post before the end of the year.