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House expands women protection at workplace


MANILA — A measure prohibiting more acts of discrimination against women in the workplace hurdled third and final reading at the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

With 197 affirmative votes, zero negative and no abstention, the House approved House Bill No. 6769, which seeks to expand the acts of discrimination against women employees with respect to terms and conditions of employment.

Cagayan Rep. Randolph Ting, House labor and employment committee head and sponsor of the bill, said the role of this legislation is to “rip away the protective veil of sexual discrimination” by making the law explicit with regard to which actions constitute discrimination and ensure that the gravity of the punishment suits the gravity of the offense.

“Even in this day and age, discrimination on the basis of sex persists. It takes many forms, but it is, perhaps the most debilitating in the workplace where rigid company hierarchies and a lack of transparency can ensure that abuses persist unchecked,” Ting said.

The bill seeks to penalize employers who give preference to a male employee over a female employee with respect to dismissal of personnel or the application of any retrenchment policy solely on account of her sex.

The bill also prohibits the denial to any woman the benefits of employment or any statutory benefits under existing laws by reason of her sex.

Violators shall be fined from P50,000 to P200,000 or be given a prison term of at least three months but not more than three years, or both, at the discretion of the court. (PNA)