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Rappler Chief Executive Officer Maria Ressa never misses an opportunity to show she and the organization she runs are “God’s Gift to Journalism” whenever possible.

In a tweet posted Saturday (August 3), Ressa dissed her former employer, ABS-CBN, for posting an article online with a subhead “that is Rappler’s headline.”

“Here’s an example of glass half-empty, half-full. The ABS story ran a sub-head that is Rappler’s headline. What headline would you have used?” she said, posting links Rappler and ABS-CBN’s articles.

The title of ABS-CBN’s article read: “SWS: Most Pinoys find freedom of speech ‘very strong’ under Duterte.” The subhead was as follows: “But half of Pinoys believe printing, broadcasting anything critical vs gov’t ‘dangerous’”

Meanwhile, the title of Rappler’s article read: “Majority of Filipinos think it’s dangerous to publish anything critical of Duterte admin”

It’s unclear why Ressa is making a fuss out of the subhead of ABS-CBN’s article when its angle was completely different from Rappler’s.

She must be in the mood to proclaim that Rappler is superior over other media entities.

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