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How to ease EDSA traffic? Binay calls for efficient mass transport, control vs new cars, revive Pasig River ferry


Former Vice President Jojoy Binay has made a number proposals to help address the horrendous traffic in EDSA, including regulating number of vehicles and upgrading the mass transport system.

Binay, sharing his Manila Bulletin column on Facebook, said solving traffic congestion goes beyond enforcing road discipline.

“We need more roads and related infrastructure. We need to regulate the number of vehicles and upgrade our mass transit system, among others. These are the responsibilities of other national agencies. It is only fair to ask: what have they been doing all these years?” he said.

He said investing in an efficient mass transport system must be the number one on the list of long-term solutions to EDSA traffic.

The government must also control number of new cars choking the streets as well as strictly implement the campaign against colorum or unlicensed public vehicles, he said.

“We must revive the Pasig River ferry, utilizing the river artery as an alternative transport system,” he said.

He said moving the seat of government to Clark is a good solution. But so far, he said only the transportation department has transferred its offices to Clark.

“This failure or inability to think long-term has led us to where we are now. EDSA is symbolic of the gridlock in long-term thinking,” he added.

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