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How to kill greedy ‘5-6’ lenders? Duterte: Bungguin mo ‘yung pwet ng motor, diretso ‘yan sa impyerno!

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President Rodrigo Duterte has suggested crashing a vehicle into the motorcycles where so-called “5-6” loansharks usually ride to kill them.

Duterte made the suggestion Thursday (January 10) as he vented his anger anew at the lenders, who charge exorbitant interest rates for loans.

“Nagmomotor eh. Eh ‘di bungguin mo lang ‘yung pwet, dire-diretso na ‘yan sa impyerno,” he said in a speech before teachers in Bulacan.

Duterte slammed “5-6” lenders for taking advantage of the needy by offering them more loans even if they are already struggling to pay off the principal.

“Parang ang tao is slave working for you or for your money. Ganun ang nangyayari dito sa ‘yung patung-patong na ‘yan,” he said.

Duterte threatened to kill “5-6” lenders if they do not change their ways.

“Kung magpahingi ka ‘yung mucho derecho ‘yung the adopted method of lending the money and getting back the payment. Pero kung dagdagan ninyo ng ganun, p*** i** papatayin ko kayo,” he said.