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I can still do my job well, Duterte assures public

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By Prince Golez

Despite his health problems, President Rodrigo Duterte said he can still perform his duties well as the country’s chief executive.

“Wag mo akong tanungin if I am in the best or in the pink of health. I am not. Meron akong mga ano sa katawan. May kagat ako sa lamok, akala ko dengue hindi naman pala. Nakaapak ako ng thumbtacks akala ko na tetanus ako, wala naman pala ano,” said Duterte during an interview with CNN Philippines.

“For purposes of performing my functions as President, I am alright,” he added.

The President, who suffers from Buerger’s disease and Barrett’s esophagus, said he is not required by the Constitution to disclose his true state of health.

“No, the Constitution does not require me,” he said.

Asked if he has anything that will keep him from effectively performing his constitutional duties, Duterte said: “As a matter of fact, I am going to ride a motorcycle after this.”

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