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I have anorexia, Miriam admits


Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is suffering from anorexia as a side effect of the cancer-fighting medications she is taking.

Santiago revealed her battle with the eating disorder in an interview with Philippine Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo.

“I have anorexia brought about by all kinds of medication. So I can look at a table of food, not having eaten for the past five or six hours, and not feel any desire to consume them,” she said.

The senator, who was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer but has since been placed in remission, said her bout with anorexia made her understand the ordeal persons with the disorder are suffering.

“Now I understand anorexic patients. We always wonder: Why can’t she eat? Why won’t she eat? It’s because your brain can be conditioned to dislike food,” she said.

Despite losing her interest in food, Santiago said the anti-cancer pill she has been on “was almost magical” because it made her better.

The senator said the medication, which is not yet available on the market, only kills the cancerous cells without damaging the healthier ones.

She said she undergoes a checkup at least once a month to determine her health condition or whether she is suffering from any side effects from the pill.

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