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While several local chief executives barely slept preparing for Typhoon Ulysses due to its forecasted strength, Celebrity Politiko (CP) was cooling his heels at a posh resort over 200 kilometers away from his bailiwick.

Politiko’s source said CP and over 50 of his fellow local officials were at an upscale resort in Central Luzon for a supposed conference while Ulysses battered their locality.

An eyewitness said CP and his entourage practically occupied all the villas at the luxury resort, where published rates can go as high as P39,000 per night for the presidential suite.

According to a source, CP and his colleagues arrived at the resort on November 10, a day before Ulysses made landfall. Despite knowing about the coming storm, the team chose to stay at the resort on the argument that their accommodation was already paid for. The local government reportedly shelled out some P1.2 million for the junket of his CP and his team.

CP also appeared to be in no rush to return to his bailiwick before the typhoon unleashed its fury. To his mind, Ulysses might fizzle out just like Typhoon Rolly—said to be 2020’s strongest typhoon—did after it made landfall in Bicol in late October.

While Typhoon Rolly brought rains to a huge part of Luzon on November 11, CP was reportedly having a massage at the resort’s spa. The following day, he joined his team for a buffet breakfast.

A source said CP only traveled to the provincial capitol after checking out of the luxury resort on November 12. By then, several towns were already submerged in floods as high as four feet.

Residents and local officials can only shake their heads at CP’s callousness at a time of disaster. His supposed concern for displaced residents was just an act to mask his indifference.

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