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Ikaw lang ang duwag! Pinoy soldiers will go to war against China if Duterte has the balls to give the order – Trillanes


Senator Antonio Trillanes IV is claiming that middle-ranking and junior officers in the military are not happy about President Rodrigo Duterte’s claim that they rather kick him out of office rather than go to a no-win war against China for the disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea.

In a TV interview, Trillanes said Filipino soldiers considered this a major insult and have expressed “frustration an disappointment” over the Commander in Chief’s lack of faith on their willingness to be brought to the “jaws of hell.”

“On the level at least of the mid-ranking and junior officers… they’re frustrated and disappointed especially with the statement of Duterte that they would rather kick out Duterte than risk their lives when ordered to confront the Chinese,” said Trillanes in a TV interview.

“Mabigat because the implication there is duwag ang mga sundalo ng sandatahang lakas. That’s never been the case. You give a mission to any unit in the Armed Forces they will do it, they will not question it. I haven’t seen when countered any soldier for that matter to confuse to obey an order of an accomplished mission,” he added.

Trillanes claimed that Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana was aware of this rising resentment among the troops against Duterte’s refuasl to stand up against China’s incursions into the Philippine territory.

“I believe Secretary Lorenzana knows this and probably deep inside, he is as frustrated as we are but he’s stuck with a compromised President,” Trillanes said.

“That’s Duterte’s way of manipulating the minds of the public to justify his selling outour interest in the West Philippine Sea. That’s Duterte the manipulator and the propagandist,” he added.

Trillanes said the Philippines has other options for its military to level up to China’s military might such as:

* Asking our allies like the United States, Australia, Japan to conduct more freedom of navigation patrols.

*Fast track the implementation of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement to have a more balance of power

*Call a regional summit on the security situation in the West Philippine Sea

“That’s our way of calling for help,” said Trillanes.


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