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Imee Marcos seeks shutdown of schools involved in terrorist indoctrination


Senator Imee Marcos prefers to amend and strengthen the country’s anti-terror law that revive the anti-subversion law.

Marcos has filed Senate Bill No. 630 that seeks to give more teeth to the Human Security Act of 2007.

The bill propose to increase the liability of crimes listed in the Human Security Act, and allow death penalty for rebellion, insurrection, coup d’etat, arson, kidnapping, and hijacking, among others.

Educational institutions found involved in terrorist indoctrination will have its licenses revoked, its officials made liable, and be immediately shut down, according to the senator.

“It is not ideology but criminal acts that should be punished,” she said. Recruiting terrorists and glorifying violent acts are also included in the bill’s liset of terror acts. “Neither religion, ideology, politics, nor economic goals can excuse acts of violent extremism,” Marcos said.

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