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Imelda thinks Jojo-Bongbong ain’t a good fit


Former First Lady and now Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos has become the biggest stumbling block to finalizing the formidable tandem between Vice President Jejomar Binay and Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Politiko has learned from a source that the Marcos matriarch is opposed to having her only son run alongside Binay because of his unsavory reputation as a shady politiko. She even tells her friends on every occasion she gets how the Vice President is “madumi.”

Being the conscientious son that he is, Bongbong is wary of saying “yes” to Binay because of what his mother thinks of Binay.

If Imelda were to have her way, she would rather that Bongbong become the running mate of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who’s known for his iron fist and high regard for the law.

The former First Lady’s disapproval of Binay as Bongbong’s political partner is ironic considering the Marcoses are infamous for plundering the nation’s coffers throughout former President Ferdinand Marcos’ rule spanning more than two decades.

The Vice President, meanwhile, has been accused of accumulating ill-gotten wealth while he was mayor of Makati City.

While both competent politikos in their own right, the Binay-Bongbong tandem is seen as awkward because the Vice President used to be a human rights lawyer fighting on behalf of the victims of the Marcos presidency’s abuses.

Despite the criticisms about their possible team up, Binay appears to be bent on getting the senator as running mate.

At a forum with TV5 last month, Binay praised the senator and said he’s different from his father, who declared Martial Law in 1972.

“It depends on the time you are in. Enough of vindictiveness. Let’s move on. Human rights (during the martial law) is no longer an issue,” the Vice President said when asked about a possible conflict with choosing Marcosas his running mate in the 2016 elections.

The debacle is already a thing of the past. But there are still human rights violations, people up to now, people missing, critics of the government being killed,” Binay added.

The younger Marcos, for his part, said he continues to talk to Binay’s camp about the possibility of running together in the upcoming polls.


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