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Inflation adjusted: SC grants CA’s appeal to raise retirement benefits for justices

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The Supreme Court (SC) has granted the request of the Court of Appeals (CA) to increase the budget of the retirement program of the latter’s magistrates.

“After a judicious consideration of all important factors, the Court deems it appropriate to grant an increase in the retirement program budgets for the retiring members of the Court of Appeals in the amounts of One Million Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (Pl,500,000.00) for a Presiding Justice and One Million Two Hundred Thousand Pesos (Pl,200,000.00) for an Associate Justice,” read the SC’s ruling.

The high tribunal acted on the February letter of CA Presiding Justice Romeo Barza to Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin.

Barza had the initially sought a budget of P2 million for the presiding justice and P1.8 for associate justice.

On the other hand, the high tribunal did not grant the the automatic 10 percent annual increase in the retirement program budget.

The SC stated that “any subsequent increase will still be subject to the review and approval of the Court and will depend on the availability of funds and prevailing circumstances.”

The retirement program budget is meant to pay for the retiree’s luncheon or dinner reception, judicial tokens, and miscellaneous expenses during special full court session, souvenirs for guests, and food stubs for employees.

In partly granting the requested increase.

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