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Senator Imee Marcos believes Ombudsman Samuel Martires did the right thing by restricting public access to public officials’ Statements of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALNs).

In a radio interview Saturday (September 26), Marcos echoed Martires’ sentiment that SALNs are being “weaponized” against public officials.

“Pikon na pikon na kasi si Martires. Totoo naman. Madalas nakikita natin, iniskandalo ka sa dyaryo tapos parang tineterrorize na, wine-weaponize na itong SALN,” she said.

I understand what he is saying having been also at the receiving end of it. Lahat ng mga public officials parating tinatakot sa ganyan e,” Marcos added.

Earlier this month, Martires issued a memorandum circular limiting public access to SALNs and imposing stringent requirements to obtain a copy of the document. In a hearing at the House of Representatives, the Ombudsman said SALNs have been “weaponized” by persons with an axe to grind against public officials.

Despite the supposed use of SALNs for “blackmail,” Marcos said she believes the document is important for investigations.

“Kakailanganin ang lifestyle check, kailangan tignan ang SALN. If it is a legitimate investigation, Justice Martires will abide naman,” she said.

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