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‘Innocent looking’ chairman picked by PNoy has hundreds of millions in bank

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A chairman of an important political office has stashed millions of pesos in the bank in accounts he owns jointly with his other family members, broadcast executive Charie Villa has revealed.

In a Facebook post, Villa said she was tipped off about the possible corruption of the chairman by someone who saw her as a crusader following the suicide of her brother, former Energy Regulatory Commission director Jun Villa, over frustration regarding the corruption in the agency.

Villa said the chairman of the agency has several joint bank accounts containing multimillion-peso deposits with his sister, mother and father.

“This chairman also apparently has a web of friends in high legal places and perhaps even family by affinity who are in collusion with this innocent looking thief,” she said.

The kicker: Not only does the chairman belong to a supposedly respectable family, but he was appointed to his post by former President Benigno Aquino III.