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Inquirer Editorial: Mr. Aquino has been unequivocal since before the 2010 presidential election


The Constitution’s post-dictatorship bias is perhaps clearest in its categorical provision limiting a president to a single six-year term. In other words, the only way President Aquino can run for a second term is for the Constitution to be amended. With two years left in his term, with the fate of his flagship budget initiative hanging in the balance, with major legislation pending in both chambers of Congress (and with some of his political allies threatening impeachment of certain Supreme Court justices), it would be unrealistic for him to launch an attempt to change the Constitution now. Inquirer

And in fact, Mr. Aquino has been unequivocal since before the 2010 presidential election: He wants no part of Charter change. Even Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, the principal author of a controversial bill seeking economic amendments to the Constitution and one of the President’s staunchest allies, cannot get the President, the head of his own political party, to support his proposed legislation. Inquirer 

So what was the point? We can make an educated guess, based on Roxas’ own rationalizations. Inquirer 


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