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Insensitive! Duterte hit for using public funds for Hong Kong vacation while Filipinos suffer high inflation


President Duterte is under fire online for making an unannounced visit to Hong Kong for a family vacation.

Several netizens took to Twitter to denounce the President’s audacity to leave the country while the nation was reeling from high consumer prices. Other Twitter users asked if the President had gone on a medical treatment during his Hong Kong vacation.

Without prior public notice, the President flew to Hong Kong with his partner Honeylet Avanceña and daughter Kitty last Saturday. The foreign trip was only confirmed by the Palace only after photos of the First Family dining and shopping in Hong Kong circulated on social media.

@5kidsnhubby tweeted: “Who paid for the trip? Taxpayers? Just asking.”

“Hoy bago ka magtravel ng mag travel, ayusin mo muna ang sarili mong bansa!!! #pilipinaskongmahal,” @serdmelen tweeted.

@RaphFernandez commented: “strange….unannouced med check up with doubtful findings. then unscheduled getaway sa abroad. last hurray?!?”

“Look how insensitive Duterte is, may gana pang magpunta ng HK at mag shopping, habang nagdudusa ang mga Pilipino sa 6.7% inflation rate,” @jkbarrameda wrote.

“What’s duterte doing in Hong Kong? Is it a pit stop enroute to China? For more cancer treatment perhaps?” @joym_speaks said.


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